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At HappyRainyDays we pay a lot of attention to putting together the ideal functional fabrics. The fabric must meet the requirement of 100% waterproofing and good breathability. In addition, comfort is of paramount importance.

Dust use outside of the rainwear
The HappyRainyDays outer fabric withstands downpours without any problems. The outside of the rainwear is made of 100% nylon (less harmful to the environment than a PVC jacket) and has a coating on the inside, which makes the clothing guaranteed to be waterproof. This coating also makes the material windproof to prevent cooling and breathable to prevent heat build-up.

Technically, the fabric has values of 5000/5000. This means that the fabric can withstand the pressure of a water column of 5000 mm – absolutely waterproof – and has a water vapor permeability of 5000 grams/m²/24 hours – very breathable -.

How does that waterproof yet breathable fabric work?
Perspiration evaporates (that’s what it is intended for, to cool down) and is then present as water vapor under the jacket. Water vapor is a gas. In a gas, all the molecules are separate from each other. These can then pass molecule by molecule through the pores of the jacket. Rain comes as water droplets on the jacket, so as a liquid. Molecules in a liquid stick together. Even if a drop bursts, many molecules still stick together. Sticked together, the water molecules do not fit through the pores of the jacket. The jacket is therefore waterproof but not water vapor-tight, in other words it is waterproof against rain and breathable.

When it rains, a reaction occurs that the coating on the back of the fabric contracts, closing holes. This can cause bubbles to form in the fabric. When it stops raining, the coating “relaxes” and the bubbles disappear.

The seams of the rainwear are taped
All seams of the rainwear are taped. This means that the seams on the back are provided with an “adhesive strip”, so that no water can leak through the seams. In short: This means that with HappyRainyDays you can cycle and walk briskly in prolonged rain showers with peace of mind.

Dust use inside of the rainwear
Most of the collection is lined with a 100% cotton lining for extra comfort. To make the jackets even easier to put on, we have specially lined the sleeves with nylon, so that your arm slides through the sleeve, as it were. The material of the lining of each type of jacket can be found in the article under the heading ‘additional information’.

NB: The rain cape is not lined, as these are usually worn over a jacket. Lining has no added value in this use. The rain pants have nylon on the inside to make it easier to put on and to allow movement with (usually cotton) pants.