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Maintenance rainwear
We recommend hanging out your raincoat, rain cape or rain pants, so that the raincoat dries well, without being crammed. The coating of any raincoat can wear out. For fabric properties, see fabric use.

Washing instructions rainwear
It is best to wash HappyRainyDays rainwear at 30 degrees with OutdoorWash (or another special detergent to keep a jacket waterproof and breathable), without using a spin cycle or tumble dryer. Never use fabric softener, then your raincoat will no longer be waterproof. Always wash your rainwear inside out to preserve the color of your raincoat.

outdoor wash; the detergent for preserving the functional properties of the raincoat
In order to retain both the water-repellent and breathable properties for longer, we recommend that you always wash the clothing with OutdoorWash. This is a special detergent for in the washing machine for all your waterproof and breathable clothing (including, for example, ski equipment). The content of the bottle is good for 8 washes. You can purchase OutdoorWash in our shop.