Order process

Have you caught your eye on one or more of our products and would you like to order them, you can do this in a few simple steps:

Select the correct size for the desired item and click on ‘Add to cart’. If there is no shopping cart next to the item you want, then the item is currently not available. Below the size it is stated whether the item will be back in stock in the near future. You can then click on the ‘Mail me’ button. Leave your email address and receive an email when the product is available to order again. If it is only stated sold out, the item will not be returned to the range.

When you have added a product, it will immediately be added to your shopping cart. If you want to pay immediately, click on ‘Checkout’. Here you see an overview of your order. If you already have an account, you can log in here. If you don’t have an account yet, fill in your details. It is therefore not mandatory to create an account, but it does make the ordering procedure easier for the next order.

It is possible to have your order delivered to a different address than the address you have provided with your details. At ‘Send my order to the above address’, uncheck the box and you can enter a different delivery address.

In our webshop you can pay in different ways; via iDeal, Afterpay, credit card (Mastercard and Visa), PayPal or bank transfer.

At step 3 you check your order and at the bottom right of the page you finalize the order by clicking on ‘Place order’. After you have placed your order, you will automatically receive a confirmation within a few minutes at the email address you provided.