Cycling capes for women
Rain/cycling capes for women help protect you against an unexpected shower. Rain capes are also an easy and quick way to keep the rain out. You can put on the rain cape in no time and when the rain cape is no longer needed, you can fold it up small and take it with you in your handbag or bicycle bag. Looking for rain capes that also look good? You will of course find the most beautiful and practical rain capes for women in the happiest colors and designs at HappyRainyDays! A bicycle cape from HappyRainyDays is not only the happiest in the Netherlands, but the colours and design make the rain cape also safe on the bike.

Cycling capes for women in different colours
Rain capes for women from HappyRainyDays are made of high-quality nylon with coating. This ensures that the rain capes are windproof, waterproof and breathable. These properties do mean that the cape is slightly heavier than a cape made of only plastic. However, all rain capes from our range fit like a glove and the cape does not blow up. Very handy for cycling and while walking! The rain capes are also indispensable during a festival or other outdoor activities. After bad weather, the rain cape may not look as nice as when you bought it. This is not a big problem, because this product is machine washable with OutdoorWash!