Long raincoats


Long raincoats

The elegant long raincoat of HappyRainyDays

Because of the length and the additional piece of fabric, this long raincoat is ideal for ladies who like to exercise (cycling, walking), but want to keep their legs dry without the rain trousers. This long raincoat is also perfect for women who often wear skirts. The long raincoat is windproof, water-resistant and breathable.

This long raincoat allows movement

The additional piece of fabric gives you extra room to move while keeping your legs dry. This piece can also be hidden inside the long raincoat.

Other useful functionalities of the long raincoat

The long raincoat has an adjustable and detachable hood, which can be stored in the collar. Furthermore, the long raincoat has deep pockets with a zipper.

Different designs and colours

You can choose between various designs and colours. The lining of the long raincoat is made of 100% cotton in a contrasting color. The sleeves are lined with nylon; this makes it easier to put the coat on.

This product is machine washable with Outdoorwash.