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Lacquer Raincoats

We all know the rainy days in our country too well. More and more wet winters and summers. A raincoat is obviously essential if you go out to the rainy weather in our country! You’re looking for a raincoat? HappyRainyDays is the right place for a perfect raincoat.

Stylish raincoats

HappyRainyDays meets the need for trendy and comfortable raincoats. Anyone who thinks that a raincoat has to be dull and unflattering is completely wrong. HappyRainyDays stands for happy raincoats for women, men and children. You can wear the raincoats of HappyRainyDays all year round. The raincoats of HappyRainyDays are multifunctional and are suitable to wear in all weather types. In the web shop of HappyRainyDays you can’t only buy raincoats but also many other useful rainwear accessories. Think of a fisherman’s hat, rain trousers, rain capes and rain hats.

Why a HappyRainyDays raincoat?

HappyRainyDays offers different models of hip, trendy and cheerful raincoats. The jackets are unique because of the combination of functionality and design. Each raincoat is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The raincoat collection consists of several styles, for example the sportive raincoatlong raincoat and trendy trench coat. The importance is that you stay dry with a raincoat of HappyRainyDays!

What requirements must meet the perfect raincoat?

The main feature of a raincoat is of course that you remain dry while wearing it. Another advantage of a raincoat may be that it is not sticky when worn. A good quality raincoat has taped seams to prevent leakage and is made of a waterproof and breathable fabric to prevent sweating and a sticky feeling. The coats of HappyRainyDays meet these requirements. The quality of the fabric of the raincoats of HappyRainyDays is 5000/5000. In addition, all seams are taped. Raincoats of HappyRainyDays feature functional details (wind cuffs and adjustable hoods) for optimal comfort.

Which raincoat suits whose figure?

Every woman has a different figure, so every woman needs another raincoat that fits her. This is why HappyRainyDays offers a large range of raincoats, from classic to sporty raincoats. Want to know which raincoat is the best shape for your body, take a look at our section, “shopping by figure.” Here you will find tips for choosing the right raincoat.

Buy a raincoat

Buy a raincoat very easily via the web shop of HappyRainyDays! On the site you can easily make a choice between the various models and raincoats. Your favorite raincoat is ready to buy online! Who ordered a cheerful raincoat over HappyRainyDays gets his order home delivered within three working days. That way you can quickly enjoy your raincoat!