Rain hats


Rain hats

The practical foldable rain hat fits in any pocket or purse

The rain hat is foldable in its own lining, so you have a foldable hat – as big as a CD – always at hand. The Foldable rain hat fits in any bag or pocket. With this hat a rainstorm will never surprise you ever again.

Windproof, waterproof and breathable

The rain hat is made ​​of high quality coated nylon and is windproof, water-resistant and breathable.

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Perfect to combine with the rest of the collection of HappyRainyDays.

The rain hat fits in every pocket of the coat collection of HappyRainyDays. The hats are made of the same fabric as the rst of the collection.

Tip: Many customers use the hat for the golf course.

This product is machine washable with Outdoorwash.

Fisherman’s hat

A real Dutch Fisherman’s hat is safe because it gives excellent visibility

The Fisherman’s hat is known from the shipping industry. And this is not without a reason. With the Fisherman’s hat you have perfect visibility -in any weather – and it keeps your neck dry.

Note: The cyclists recommend a Fisherman’s hat instead of the HappyRainyDays rain hat for optimum visibility when looking back.

The renewed fisherman’s hat

HappyRainyDays improved the Fisherman’s hat by making it windproof, water-resistant and breathable by using nylon. No plastic on your head. In addition, the Fisherman’s hat is lined with 100% cotton for extra comfort.

With adjustable stopper

The Fisherman’s hat can’t blow away because of the 2 straps with stopper that can be tied up well. With this you can fix it properly on your head. 

May be combined with the coats of HappyRainyDays

The hats are made of the same fabric as the trench coat, jacket or cape, therefore you have a perfect color and pattern match.

This product is machine washable with Outdoorwash.