Rain pants


Rainpants for women

Do you want to buy rain pants for women? Then you are at the right place at HappyRainyDays! In our extensive range you will find trendy and practical rain pants for women. Besides the rain pants from our collection can be used as rain pants, the pants are also easy to wear while skiing, skating or golfing. The rain pants are all made of nylon, which is breathable and waterproof. Who does not want such a multifunctional and trendy rain pants? You do not have to worry about washing the rain pants, because these rain pants are washable in the washing machine with our OutdoorWash detergent.

Rain trousers for women at HappyRainyDays Rain trousers for women at HappyRainyDays have a long zipper from bottom to top on both sides. So the pants even with shoes on, quickly on and off. In addition, the rain pants are nice and comfortable at the hips. This is due to the elastic in the waist of the rain pants. These have an extra adjustable cord. The lining of ladies’ rain pants is made of polyester and ensures that the pants can easily be put on the clothes. The women’s rain trousers also have an adjustable reflector band at the bottom of the trouser legs (with Velcro). This makes it possible to make the rain pants tighter or even looser at the bottom.

The rain pants for ladies from our range offer various advantages, so get it now! Order rain pants for women online All rain pants for ladies are washable in the washing machine with our OutdoorWash detergent. Please note that you wash the pants at 30 ° C. With such trendy rain pants, the rest can not be missed. Convenient that you also find other products at HappyRainyDays that protect you well during bad weather. Take a look at the rain pants for women at HappyRainyDays and order your rain pants or other products against the rain in our webshop!