Trench Coats


Trench Coats

Classic trench coat for women

The trench coat is “the little black dress” among coats. HappyRainyDays upgraded it by using a waterproof, windproof and breathable nylon quality. The trench coat is both practical and trendy. For work or private, come rain or shine, with the trench coat of HappyRainyDays you are always dressed well. The trench coat can be worn neat, trendy or sportive. So let the rain come! The Trench of HappyRainyDays are lined with 100% cotton and the outer fabric (100% nylon) is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

The trench coat is from the outside or the inside brightly coloured

The trench coats of HappyRainyDays are available in both solid colours (black, navy, beige or khaki) and trendy, colourful designs. If the trench coat is plain from the outside, the lining is colourful.

Ladies hooded rain trench coat

Not often you see a trench with hood, but those of HappyRainyDays do have one. For those who prefer to wear a hat and no hood, HappyRainyDays has the solution. There are trench coats without a hood or trench coats with a detachable hood. So you can decide if you want a hood or not. The hood of the trench coat is also adjustable, so it does not blow off when the wind blows.

Women’s Trench Coats

The ladies trench coat is a classic among jackets and was originally developed as a functional coat for officers during the war. It quickly was adapted in the fashion scene as a chic, practical coat. The trench coat was introduced by fashion house Burberry, who first brought the trench coat as a fashion item in the market. Nowadays trench coats are a fashion item you see everywhere and almost every label has its own version in their collection. Usually with a double-breasted closure and a belt at the waist. Whether you wear party dresses or jeans for every occasion there is a trench coat that fits your outfit.

A must have for every woman!

A trench coat for women is a timeless model that never goes out of fashion. The trench coat is a fashion item for about 100 years and this will not change soon. HappyRainyDays has a wide collection of trench coats that are perfect for every outfit. If you want a brightly coloured one or a classic colour, HappyRainyDays has it. On the website of HappyRainyDays they are available in all shapes and sizes and in more than 26 colours and designs. The trench coat with detachable hood is a hit for years.

The trench coat is actually two coats in one. Without hood the trench coat is a classic trench coat and with hood a sportive coat. On this official website you will find all HappyRainyDays trench coats of the brand. The trench coat of HappyRainyDays is windproof, water-resistant and breathable. The lining is of 100% cotton. That’s why you can wear the trench coat almost all year round, and you’ll stay dry in a rainstorm. You can close the collar higher with the extra button, to prevent rain from entering.

The coat is the perfect mix between fashion and function

Coats can make or break a look. It makes sense to choose a coat that fits your needs perfectly, by paying attention to quality, comfort, practicality or style. The coat is HappyRainyDays’ newest model for spring/summer 2015. The coat is the perfect mix between function, comfort and fashion. This ideal raincoat is the result of a combination of a trendy fit, clever details and high quality fabric.

Comfortable and stylish in the rain with the coat

The coat for women is applicable for every type of weather. If it rains you will stay dry and if the sun is shining you will not feel sticky due to the cotton lining and the breathable quality of the fabric. Passing through a storm is never comfortable, but it will be much less unpleasant with this coat, since you are protected well and look stylish.

The coat is waterproof, windproof and breathable

The coat is made of a waterproof nylon fabric with a high breathable quality. This waterproof fabric, together with the cotton lining provides comfort and function. This coat for woman is because of the high quality fabric waterproof, windproof and breathable (5000/5000). All seams are taped to prevent water from seeping through.

Clever detailing provides the ideal raincoat

Besides the fact that the coat is fashionable, it is also very practical. By designing the coat, HappyRainyDays have thought well about the function of it. By adding unobtrusive and clever details (wind cuffs in the sleeves, deep secure pockets and a front closure with zipper and buttons) the coat is a perfect and stylish raincoat. The waist cord of the coat is adjustable with cord stopper, in this way the coat always has a feminine fit and it can accentuate your waist as you wish. The coat reaches just above the knee.

The coat is available in different colours and designs

This waterproof coat is available in stylish and bright plain colours. For the ones who love to stand out, there are some cheerful and eye-catching colours added to our collection. The woman who would like to have a classic look can choose between diverse traditional colours like dark blue (navy), black and beige.