Fabric Use

At HappyRainyDays we spent a long time searching for the ideal composition of cheerful fabrics. The fabric had to be 100% rainproof and breathable and most of all, it had to be comfortable. When wearing HappyRainyDays rainwear, you can deal with any prolonged rain shower!

Fabric outside

The exterior layer of fabric of our rainwear is made of 100% nylon (not only a breathable fabric, but also more environmental-friendly as opposed to a pvc based material coat). All rainwear are provided with an additional coating, making the garment guaranteed rainproof. The same coating makes the material windproof to prevent cooling off and breathing to prevent the accumulation of heat. Technically, the fabric has values of 5000/5000, meaning that it can resist the pressure of a water column of 5000 mms – which is absolutely waterproof - and has a vapor permeability of 5000 grams/m²/24 hours, which means that the fabric is very breathable.


How can the fabric of the raincoats be waterproof and breathable at the same time?

Perspiration molecules are smaller than water (rain) molecules. This explains why the fabric can be breathable (perspiration can get out) and waterproof (rain cannot penetrate through the fabric). Also, when it rains, the coating on the outer part of the fabric reacts and contracts, decreasing the gaps within the fabric; this however can cause a bubble effect within the fabric. When it stops raining, the coating “relaxes” again and the bubbles will automatically disappear.

Taped seams

All seams have been taped; this means that the back of the seams has a ‘glue strip’, which prevents water from seeping through. In short: With HappyRainyDays products you can easily cycle and take long walks during prolonged rain showers without the negative impact of getting chilled. This is your opportunity to stay; dry, happy and fashionable during both the rainy and sunny days.

Fabric on the inside

All jackets, trench coats, raincoats, parka's, trousers and hats have 100% interior cotton lining for extra comfort. In order to make our jackets and trousers even easier to put on we have lined the interior with nylon; your arms and legs practically glide into our coats and trousers. Please keep in mind that the rain capes have no lining, since these are worn mostly over a coat; in this case a lining has no added value.