Shop according to your body shape

Every woman is shaped differently, even if we share the same size, for example someone who wears a certain raincoat with a Y-shaped body structure might look nicer with the same coat on compared to someone whom has wider hips. Therefore, we provide you with this useful page to help you decide which raincoats will suit best according to your body shape. 

Below you will find a recommendation, of which raincoat(s) that will enhance the beauty of your body shape. 

The hourglass figure

The hourglass figure has equal sized hips and shoulders with a slimmer waist. To enhance the waist, we recommend a coat, which includes a belt such as the trench coat (with a hood) or a long raincoat. Another model that is perfect for the hourglass figure is our new model the coat. The waistcord of the coat is adjustable with cord stopper, in this way the coat always has a feminine fit and it can accentuate your waist as you wish. The coat reaches just above the knee. These three raincoats are cut slimmer at the waist and are provided with a belt to accentuate the waist.

The Y-shaped figure

This shape resembles shoulders that are wider than the waist and slim legs. The most suitable HappyRainyDays raincoats for this body structure will be the jacket and the parka. The jacket is a bit wider at the top thus; this ensures comfort for people with this kind of body shape as it provides extra moving space. The waist of the jacket includes an elastic band, thus the waist is perfectly accentuated. Just like the jacket, the parka is a bit wider at the top, a cord at the waist can be adjusted to ones preference. 

The peer-shaped figure

Women with this kind of body structure have narrow shoulders and waist pared with wider hips and thighs. We suggest a raincoat, which includes a belt to enhance a smaller waist such as the  short coat. If you prefer a longer coat, we advice you to pick a coat which best suits your hip measurement, click here for more information about choosing the correct size.  Our suggestion is the trench coat with hood, this coat has a belt, which can be adjusted to your waist and flatters your body shape. 

The apple-shaped figure

This body type has a full bust, wider waist and slim legs, we advise you to choose a coat, which does not cut down at the waist but a coat, which provides more space at the top and around the waist. The jacket and the parka are more spacious at the top and the cut of both these are straighter compared to the other raincoats we provide in our colourful collection. 

The I-shaped figure

Women with this body structure have the same width from the shoulders to the hips, the waist is not pronounced. Coats that will be most suitable according to this body shape are the long raincoat, the trench coat, coat and the parka, these are all adjustable at the waist as it is provided with a belt or a cord. 

To find out more about the measurements of our collection, please visit the size chart. We recommend a size which best suits your widest part on your body, for example if you have a peer-shaped body, please choose the size which best suits the size of your hips.