We naturally hope that you are happy with your order. If the product does not fully meet your requirements, then HappyRainyDays applies to all webshop orders a reflection time of 14 days. The cooling-off period starts when you have received the complete order. You can view and / or fit the item within this cooling-off period. After the cooling-off period has expired, the purchase agreement is a fact.

Our terms and conditions provide the option, under certain conditions, to return goods that you have purchased from us. You can return your package with DPD.

If you return an item, we won't charge return costs. We will then refund the purchase amount minus the shipping costs you paid for to the account from which the item has been paid within 10 working days. A return shipment that has been returned the postoffice will be returned to HappyRainyDays no later than 5 business days after submission. Upon receipt, the customer receives an e-mail with the 'confirmation of receipt'. At this time the return and the purchase amount minus the return costs have already been processed. This is how returns work:
1. Enter the details of the item that you want to return on the form that was sent with your order and circle the reason for return.
2. You package the item in the original box, including this form and the corresponding delivery note.
3. Please sent an email to and we will sent you the return label which you can use.
4. You will find further instructions in the email you receive. You can hand in this package at a postoffice in your area. Do ask for the proof of shipment and keep it safe.

The address to which your return can be sent is:


Attn. HappyRainyDays
Hooiweg 11
5165 NL Waspik
The Netherlands

The returns processing takes about 10 working days.