Rain jackets ladies


The perfect rain jacket, even when it doesn’t rain

The rain jacket with the feminine cut is perfect for women who like to go out in all weather conditions. These jackets are waterproof and breathable. Cotton lining is added for more comfort. The sleeves are lined with nylon; this makes it easier to put the jacket on.

A stylish jacket with a lot of functionalities

The jacket is nipped at the waist with an elastic band in the back. Furthermore the jacket has pockets with zippers, an adjustable and detachable hood - to be stored in the collar - and extra nylon sleeve ends with elastic to prevent rain from entering. 

The jacket is available in cheerful designs and happy colors 

This all weather jacket is available in many designs and solid colors. The cotton lining of the jacket is cheerful. That's why HappyRainyDays is called HappyRainyDays!

This product is machine washable with Outdoorwash.


Fashionable waterproof Parka

This Parka style jacket is very well known in fashion. The parka is originally a coat lined with (fake) fur . The parka was used as main purpose to protect against wind and cold temperatures while hunting. HappyRainyDays used this style as an inspiration for a new style in the collection. Formerly, the parkas were mostly made of sealskins, but HappyRainyDays manufactures it of 100% nylon. The parka of HappyRainyDays looks very similar to former one because of the strings used in the waist and the length of the parka.

The parka of HappyRainyDays is trendy and functional at the same time. The parka is lined with 100% cotton, which is perfect for optimum comfort. The parka is waterproof and windproof, so you can go outside without worrying about getting wet in the rain. In addition, the breathable capacity of parka makes the parka very suitable for a warmer spring or summer day. Do you want to protect yourself against the rain and look nice? This parka of HappyRainyDays is perfect for you.

Various trendy colours and designs

The parka of HappyRainyDays is available in many different colours like black, dark blue and khaki , but also in red and several fun and trendy designs . For everyone there is a suitable colour. The linings of HappyRainyDays parkas are all brightly coloured.

Functional and hip parka

Besides being fashionable and looking nice, the parka has more benefits. The hood of the parka is adjustable and detachable. The pockets of the parka close with snaps so that no water can seep in and the jacket has an inside pocket with zip. In the sleeves there are wind cuffs that prevent rain from entering. The parka has a female cut because of the inside “pull-in” waist cord. 

This product is machine washable with Outdoorwash.