Rain cape

Rain cape of HappyRainyDays

The waterproof rain cape of HappyRainyDays is excellent for touring or commuting. In just a couple of seconds, you can slip it on over whatever you’re wearing, and you are protected from the rain. This rain cape is generously sized, for maximum coverage. This rain cape provides women with a stylish and functional solution for rain protection on and off their bike. 

Waterproof cycling capes: Stay dry on your bike the traditional way

If you live in a rainy part of Europe, then rain is a part of life one must accept. You can either stay in when it rains or find the perfect clothing, like rain capes to stay dry when it is wet outside. As cycling becomes more than a hobby, more options are open to cyclists when it comes to clothing. Thanks to HappyRainyDays there are stylish cycling capes that are appropriate both on and off the bicycle.  Cycling in the rain wasn’t much fun, till now. HappyRainyDays offers the largest collection happy and stylish printed rain capes.  

The most cheerful raincape in the world

Rain doesn’t only fall in the day time so it is important that the poncho or rain cape you choose has some type of reflective material to increase your visibility. The capes of HappyRainyDays are equipped with a reflective stripe on the upper back of the rain cape.The raincape of HappyRainyDays is not only very happy, but due to the colors also very safe on the bike, because cars will see you immediately. The raincape is produced of a very high nylon quality. So the raincape is water-resistant and breathable. The raincape fits everybody and is available in one size only.

The raincape for cycling or walking

De raincape has an adjustable hood, to be stored in the collar. You can tie the ribbon of the raincape around your waist, which prevents the raincape from blowing away. And if you hold the wristbands over the handlebars, you keep your legs and hands dry. The raincape can be stored in the large storage pocket on front of the cape. At HappyRainyDays you find the most handy and stylish cycle ponchos.

This product is machine washable with Outdoorwash.


The practical rain trouser of HappyRainyDays

The HappyRainyDays rain pants has zippers from the bottom to the top on both sides. This helps you to put the pants on and take it off very quickly, even with shoes on. The lining of the rain pants is made of polyester, which makes it easily slide on the clothes underneath. Of course the rain trouser is windproof, water-resistant and breathable.

Reflecting stripes on the side and at the bottom for extra safety

All rain trousers feature a reflecting stripe on the side and a broad adjustable band with a reflecting stripe at the bottom of the leg.

Matching with the HappyRainyDays jacket

The pants are made of the same fabric as the jackets, trench coats and rain capes (except men’s jacket). This makes the trousers perfect match with the HappyRainyDays raincoats.

Tip: Many of our customers ski, golf or skate in the rain trousers.

This product is machine washable with Outdoorwash.