cape festival

    The festivals are almost going to start, this year there are some
     festivals that you can’t miss. But what if your perfect festival outfit is
     ruined through rain? Be prepared with a hip festival cape, the
     HappyRainyDays rain / festivals capes are super fashionable and can
     be worn on several occasions. For example during cycling, hiking,
     boating but also while dancing at the upcoming festivals. With all
     those lame rain capes you are going to blink out with your trendy
     HappyRainyDays Cape.

     In the summer women are feeling happier in general, but also more
     feminine and beautiful, don’t let that feeling get ruined by rain. With
     twelve different colours you will definitely find the perfect rain cape for
     you! Besides this great cape, you can have a foldable rain hat. With
     more than fifteen different colours and 3 models you can match your
     hat with your outfit and rock those festivals! The handy foldable rain
hats can also easily fit into your bag. Here are some festivals that you should definitely pay a visit.

Amsterdam Open Air 2015 (6/7 June, Amsterdam The Netherlands)
Sweden Rock 2015 (3/4/5/6 June, Solves Borg, Sweden)
Food Truck Festival Trek 2015 (5/6/7 June, Enschede The Netherlands)
Rootsfestival Goezot In't Hofke (5/6/7 June, Oud-Turnhout, Belgium) 
Isle Of Wight 2015 (11/12/13/14 June, Isle Of Wight, Newport, England)


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