Always loved cycling? But has rain disrupted
    you too often? We have a solution for you! Our
    fashionable and functional rain capes fit
    perfectly in combination with biking through the
    beautiful nature in Reindersmeer or at a mill
    route through the heart of Amsterdam. We have
    selected the five best routes that you can cycle
    this summer. Are the routes not in your
    neighbourhood? Or are the routes too long or
    too short for you? Send us an email and receive
    more information.

    This fun route through the heart of Amsterdam
     is 42.4 kilometres long and passes through
     almost all of Amsterdam. With this bike you
     drive along the various rivers in the city and see
     some special city mills. (Molen De 1100 Roe,
     Molen De 1200 Roe & Mill Flower) If you want a
     break you can always stop at 'T Sluisje,
     Torensteeg 1 in Amsterdam for a delicious
     snack in between.

     This runs over the Leusderheide and through
     the national park in Utrecht. Between the
     cycling route you can enjoy a cup of coffee at T
Hunter House on the forest road Bergs 15 in Zeist. Also, the restaurant features a reload point for electric bikes. You cycle past the house Treek and Slot Zeist, which give wonderful vistas.


Reindersmeer is a beautiful natural area in the heart of National Park in the village called Well. The area is dotted with small streams and clay-backs, and many aquatic birds feel at home here. http://www.route.nl/.../18.../fietsroute-rondom-het-reindersmeer

Always trying to find peace in Belgian Limburg? Then this is your chance. This bike route runs through the former mining area and peaceful villages.

With this bike trail you go to dozens of national monuments in Borne. At the The Grand Cafe you can enjoy with delicious drinks and then continue with your bike trail through the typical copses in Twente.