Winter jackets & winter coats

A comfortable and warm winter coat

The temperature drops and the temptation to stay in bed, beneath the warm blankets, grow. But what to do when you must go outside? For this situation HappyRainyDays has the solution. With the large, trendy winter jacket collection HappyRainyDays goes into battle against the grey and wet days. We make these winter days, a lot more cheerful. During the cold and dark winter days there is nothing nicer than having a thick winter coat to keep you warm. The top requirement for a winter coat is that the winter coat is warm and comfortable to wear. In addition, it should not let the cold strong wind pass through and preferably the winter coat is waterproof. Winter coats come in all shapes and sizes. From thick padded winter jackets to stylish winter coats. HappyRainyDays offers a wide collection of winter coats. This is what you need in these changeable winters.

Winter coats and winter jackets 

During the cold months it is really important to wear a warm and comfortable winter coat. At HappyRainyDays you find a large collection of warm en waterproof winter coats. The winter coat collection offers winter parkas and winter coats in various colours and sizes. When the temperature drops, the winter coats of HappyRainyDays are the perfect solution to stay warm and dry. The winter coats feature clever details that make the coats comfortable to wear and are padded for extra warmth and comfort.

Every woman a trendy winter coat

HappyRainyDays offers an extensive collection of winter coats because no single woman is the same. Several trendy colours and various elegant styles are offered in our online shop.

Winter coats with clever detailing

At HappyRainyDays you find winter coats for women designed and made with great care and knowledge. In addition, all winter coats have clever features such as adjustable and removable hoods, wind cuffs to prevent rain from entering and high collars. The fabrics of the winter coats are waterproof, windproof and breathable. All winter coats are padded for extra warmth. The seams of the winter coats are taped so no rain can leak through the seams.

Elegant winter coats

The winter coats have a stylish fit but ensure sufficient freedom of movement. You can walk through a rainstorm and at the same time look stylish. The combination of warm, feminine, functional and stylish makes the winter coats a must for the cold, wet winter days.